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Product Engineer Jobs in Sichuan

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Job Description: We are looking for a Senior Field Applications Engineerto join Arrow company, in Chengdu office.The main purpose of the position is to drive demand creation by maximizing Arrow content on designs. You need to understand customer nee

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产工程师/Product Engineer

The Texas Instruments Foundation
Sichuan China
Not Specified

述 管新产的导入,在新产导入之的生产过程中供技术支; 与设计工艺测试性和制造工程部门作解决产和生产相关问题; 开维护和改进测试工艺以低生产本并高率。 我们在寻找 工科专业,2022届毕业生(2020届,2021届也投递),微电/电/料/化学/物/机械/自动化/仪器仪表等相关专业优先; 具有工作热情和强烈的责任感; 良好逻辑维能力,团队作精神以沟通的技巧; 良好的英语说能力。

述 管新产的导入,在新产导入之的生产过程中供技术支; 与设计工艺测试性和制造工程部门作解决产和生产相关问题; 开维护和改进测试工艺以低生产本并高率。 我们在寻找 * 工科专业,2023届毕业生,微电/电/料/化学/物/机械/自动化/仪器仪表等相关专业优先; * 具有工作热情和强烈的责任感; * 良好逻辑维能力,团队作精神以沟通的技巧; * 良好的英语说能力。

工作责: * 通过新产测试研本低产能扩张和产高等项目开实现产线的盈利目标,支公的战略部署 * 负责项目组安排的所有工程研活动 * 产线的方相关的步系人,包括供应链管制造质客户务销售和销技术出版文件管控等 * 与制造和研部门作,解决产线上的客户质和应用问题 * 领导和促进跨能团队作解决问题,包括与其他地区/国家的测试工程师调工作以实现共目标 * 挥主观能动性,与晶圆制造和芯片装厂

About TI Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) is a global semiconductor design and manufacturing company that develops analog ICs and embedded processors. By employing the world's brightest minds, TI creates innovations that shape the future of techno


ABB Limited
2-5 years

Take your next career step at ABB with a global team that is energizing the transformation of society and industry to achieve a more productive, sustainable future. At ABB, we have the clear goal of driving diversity and inclusion across al

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