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Jobs in Hong kong

Job Responsibilities * System software research and development based on Robot Operating System (ROS) for industrial applications in robotics and automation. * Develop and implement System-Level ROS-enabled systems. * Follow the system engin

Job Responsibilities * Lead the procurement manager and assistant manager to ensure the procurement activities are performed in accordance to ASTRI’s policy and procedures. * Provide support and guidance to staff. * Carry out procurement ope

Job Responsibilities * Looking for an organised, efficient sales support to be responsible for: * Support sales lead filtering, market analysis about the industry segments and the prospects’ background * Schedule client visits to Tec

Job Responsibilities * Development on imaging processing software and system integration of computer vision systems for industrial applications * Research on latest 3D vision algorithms, defects inspection algorithms * Design and evaluation

Job Responsibilities * Perform energy storage system design to meet existing and future energy system requirement. * Assist the team leader to initiate projects in energy storage and control with advanced energy technique. * Support team to

Job Responsibilities * Research and development for emerging sensing and display related technologies including but not limited to VR/AR/MR display technologies, biometrics and other sensing technologies * Carry out an embedded system to integr

Job Responsibilities * Work with the technical team in algorithm, hardware architecture design and development. * Work with the technical team to implement RISC-V SoC on FPGA. * Work with Software engineers to boot up RISC-V processor. *

Job Responsibilities * Model-Based research and development in System-Level Automation for industrial applications. * Design, implement, integrate, and test systems for applications in Robotics and Automation * Follow the system engineering

Job Responsibilities * Lead and conduct applied research projects on Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) for Embedded Systems and Cyber-Physical Systems; * System-level design and implementation with high level synthesis on FPGA and SoC (ARM

Job Responsibilities * Self-sufficient to develop power management ICs / driver ICs for high-frequency & high-efficiency power conversion applications, with focus on the implementation of the 3rd generation semiconductor devices, such as GaN and S

Job Responsibilities * Development on imaging processing software and system integration of computer vision systems for industrial applications * Research on latest 3D vision algorithms, point cloud processing algorithms * Design and evaluat

Job Responsibilities * Research and develop machine learning algorithms to solve problems in NLP/knowledge graph * Ability to translate customers’ business requirements into technical solution * Closely collaborate with engineering team on N

Job Responsibilities * Assist in ITF R&D project as assigned * Analog IC Design * Device design and optimization Requirements * PhD holder in Computer Science, Electronic Engineering, Information Engineering or relevant disciplines, inc

Job Responsibilities * Research and development for Model-Based Design Architecture; * System-Level Design Architecture based on Domain-Specific Modeling Languages; * Follow the Software Engineering process to develop high quality software m

Job Responsibilities * Assist in ITF R&D project as assigned * To research, development, and integration of advanced pre-5G/future 5G applications; * To perform R&D (research, implementation, integration, testing) Requirements * Bachelo

Job Responsibilities * Undertake R&D in relation to 5G adoption and deployment * To conduct research in 5G standard (such as 3GPP and O-RAN) focusing on functional and performance requirements, hardware and software architectures, etc * To t

Job Responsibilities * Work closely with customers in Mainland and Hong Kong and may need to site visit. * Develop algorithms for Computer Vision using Deep Learning. * Develop algorithms for Natural Language Processing/Understanding for Chi

Job Responsibilities * Review the governance framework for relevance and coherence, drive and implement changes for best-in-class corporate governance policies and practices * Review and update internal policies, procedures and manuals relating

Job Responsibilities * Design and develop the latest Blockchain systems and platforms. * Conduct system integration and testing. * Participate in software development of other security analytics and smart city projects. Requirements * P

Job Responsibilities * Assist in ITF R&D project as assigned * Design and develop signal processing algorithms for wireless communications systems * Design and develop 5G radio equipment physical layer software and protocol stack software

Job Responsibilities * Assist R&D director to initiate new projects using computer vision/machine learning technologies etc. * Lead the project team to design, implement, test and deploy solutions using latest technologies. * Meet with custo

Job Responsibilities * Learn and support R&D team on latest Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) software system, with the objective to deploy commercial trials and roll-outs in the market in partnership with industry leaders in this area; * Support on-

Job Responsibilities * Develop high performance wireless communication digital signal processing (DSP) solution for NR/5G PHY layer. * Optimization of NR/5G PHY layer software in target hardware platforms to fulfil real time deadline requiremen

Job Responsibilities * Assist in ITF R&D project as assigned * Research and Evaluate State-of-the-Art Robotic Systems * Develop Model-Based Algorithms for Applications in Robotics and Automation * Documentation of the design and testing t

Skills :

Job Responsibilities * Assist in the ITF R&D project as assigned; * Provide technical support for on-site trials and pilot runs; * Manage the relationships with project partner and vendors; * Prepare technical documentations for project s

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