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述 Manage the process of writing, designing, formatting articles/advertorials for internal and external English publications, promotional materials for campaigns, packages and events, and information for the BJU website, English WeChat, and other m

述 岗责 . Be the physical liaison and phone liaison for Internal medicine patients and help them with all information they need or requests they have. Ideally Internal medicine patient coordinator should be able to reply directly to 80% of patients


Beijing united family healthcare
Not Specified

述 Responsibilities: . Admission registration including preparing OB/GYN admission folder, room notification to front desk etc. . Discharge procedures including notifying the relevant department, return all inpatient files to MRD, make appointment


Beijing united family healthcare
3-6 years

述 1. Reviews and interprets prescription orders and verifies accuracy and completeness of patient labeling and input into pharmacy computer. 2. Evaluates and resolves real or potential prescription related problems. 3. Provides patient consultatio

述 责述: 助库管专员订购,库存管,确房干净整和上架时, 计算机数管, 天入库处, 月结怅。 助的物传输, 临床获的时性 调星诊所和主房的分请领 Skills技能求: . 工作积,有上进心,且工作效率高 . 善于与人沟通 . 能够认真完领导分的工作 . 计算机工作准确 . 肯苦,能够胜任高强度工作 知识求: . 基本的办公软件作知识房计算机系统 . 能有效转接电咨询 . 培训能掌基本中英

述 培训简介: 和家院师培训课程设计基于英国皇家学会预备师培训项目,培训生将首先从师助起,过渡到级师。 师在医疗过程中对安全使用负责。师最主的责是医嘱审核调。在国际上国内高端医疗机构,师为医疗团队中缺少的一员,断与医生沟通优化使用。时师在调时为患者和/或护士供全的讲解咨询。 在培训过程中,培训生由指定带教师带教。待完相关培训课程并考核格者,晋为级师。 个人业展: 1.加院师培

述 岗责: . 供高效地患者务,严格守项规章制度作规程。 . 具有丰富的临床医学知识,熟练的临床作技能。 . 根患者需求供个性化护务。 . 严格执行护程,根患者情况制定的护计划并供个性化护务。 任求 任资格: . 大专以上学历 . 有护士执业资格书 . 优秀的沟通技能务识 . 3-5年护验,儿科/产护工作验者优先 广州和家医院

述 岗责: . 根医院规章制度和作规程,为病人供医疗和以家庭念为中心的护; . 熟悉病人日常术术护,病例交书写,观察患者生命体,导管是通畅,术伤愈情况,好康教育; . 严格执行查房交接制度,好病人的基础护工作; . 完上级主管分的任务。 任求 任资格: . 大专以上学历 . 有护士执业资格书 . 优秀的沟通技能务识 广州和家医院

述 Responsibilities: 1. Provide senior level out patient and in patient care to include coverage of NICU and children in the ICU 2. Liaise with Beijing Children's Hospital, Capital Institute of Pediatrics, PUMC Department of Pediatrics and other l

述 Primary Duties- . Establish nursing standards based on JCIA requirements and local regulation/policy . Update nursing policies and procedures regularly . Schedules, coordinates, assigns and evaluates the work of nursing staff . Under GM directio

述 . Work as part of the team to contribute to the care of patients within the scope of service of that Department, and contribute to the overall strategy of the Department and Hospital. . Work to goals and targets as set by the Department leader.

述 Responsibilities: 1. Provide CPT code assistance to all healthcare providers and other clinical ancillary departments. 2. Review medical records and assign CPT codes, based on episode of care and physician documentation, performs data abstractin

述 Conducting out patient dermatologic service - diagnosis & treatment 对皮肤科门诊病人供务-诊断和治疗 Inpatient care in case of severe dermatologic conditions 如到严皮肤问题的院病人供皮肤科务 Consultation of dermatology related disorders 对于皮肤相关的身体调节紊乱供咨询/会诊 Patient educ

述 Responsibilities: 1. Implement quality improvement and healthcare compliance, including collecting and analyzing managerial and clinical indicators, preparation and presentation of reports, managing performance improvement projects, etc. 2. Help

述 . Perform daily patient rounds, either individually, or as part of the team. Review subjective and objective findings including labs, diagnostic testing, vital signs, wound status, and drains and provide data to senior consultant surgeons when n

述 1. Understand and demonstrate proper sterilization, biohazard and infection control procedures in compliance with protocol. 熟悉并守正确的生物害和感染控制程 2. Demonstrate complete knowledge of dental terminology, instruments maintenance, and proper tray

述 岗责: . 照顾患有中风心肌梗塞休克外伤处于机中的精神疾病患者物过等疾病的患者 . 必须时准备好评估和治疗生命和生命的伤害和疾病,从轻微的喉咙感染到心病作和由事故或暴力造的严创伤 . 根分诊政策对患者护进行分诊 . 熟练照顾病人和家属 . 能够使用除颤器便呼机心监护仪和器 . 能助医师进行管中心脉导管腰椎穿刺石手术镇等 . 与患者和他人有效互动,时专业护标准 . 以适当的格和适当的表格

述 . Professionalism and positive work attitude . Observes and documents pertinent information that reflects the patient's clinical condition, with respect to the entire human being. . Performs treatment and administers medications as required. . A

述 - Working closely with radiation oncologist or senior RT consultant - Providing direct support to senior oncologist and direct patient care - Monitoring and performing RT quality safety control. - Participating in committees involving radiation


Beijing united family healthcare
3-6 years

述 1. Reviews and interprets prescription orders and verifies accuracy and completeness of patient labeling and input into pharmacy computer. 2. Evaluates and resolves real or potential prescription related problems. 3. Provides patient consultatio

述 . To develop and execute a strategic marketing plan with measurable outcomes to achieve assigned BJM's business . Obtain and analyze market research, competitor strategies and industry trends, report on a monthly basis . Manage the development a

述 Summary of Responsibilities 责概: Provide diagnosis and treatment of the conditions of the mouth, gums and teeth. Also provide patients with advice and recommendations to prevent future oral health issues. 供腔与牙齿牙龈状况的诊断与治疗。时为患者供咨询与建议,以预防未的腔

Skills :

述 Description简介: Pharmacists are responsible for the safe and effective usage of medication in healthcare system. The primary responsibilities include reviewing medication orders and dispense medications. At United Family Healthcare, pharmacists w

述 . 接电接待访快递收相关报销凭付款申请的处 . 负责公照的登记年检更管 . 负责办公设备办公用茶歇用的采买 . 负责办公室人员机人员考勤加统计申报审批程 . 负责办公室日常设备维护管工作 . 负责办公室新员工入门等相关事宜办 . 调办公室装修等相关事宜 . 撰写信函会议记录 . 建立维护相关文件,好记录,并始终密原则 . 完其他办公室行政相关工作 任求 . 大专以上学历 . 1-2年办公室行政相关

述 Summary of Responsibilities: Responsible for patient information release issues, maintain accuracy and completeness of medical records, assure meets clinic's needs of requesting medical records for patient's care purpose, and abstracting of diag

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