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Treasury Specialist

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Job Description

About Standard Chartered
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The Role Responsibilities


  • Provide CMPS product coverage for Retail Banking (RB) clients

  • Deliver treasury revenue target through active marketing and sales of Treasury products to clients.

  • Comply with all applicable Bank&rsquos internal policies and external laws and regulation.


  • 覆盖零行客户供本场产解决方案部产

  • 客户产,并完入目

  • 守所有行内部策以外部法律法

Scope of Role

  • The role holder will be responsible for the budget volume of CMPS business and therefore to establish an agenda of the top business and plan to address the same.


  • 岗人将负责完本场产解决方案部业务目,并立业务议程并计解决该问题

Key Responsibilities

  • Ensure accurate and timely execution of FX and Structured Deposit transactions for our retail clients.

  • Responsible to achieve FX and Structured Deposit revenue budget

  • Provide timely markets outlook as well as FX and Structured Deposit product advice based on customer financial objectives and needs

  • Comply with all procedures, policies and sales process of the bank

  • Comply with all applicable money laundering prevention procedures and, in particular, report any suspicious activity to the Unit Money Laundering Prevention Officer and line manager.


  • 确为们零客户准确时地执行外汇性存款交

  • 负责实现外汇性存款入算

  • 客户财务目需,时供场景以外汇性存款产建议

  • 守行所有程,策程

  • 守所有洗程,尤其是将任何活动报给部门洗防官直属

Risk Management

  • Accountable for implementing and complying with AML requirements when performing duties.

  • Comply with the respective Money Laundering Prevention Procedures and be alert at all times to unusual or possibly suspicious customer activity and should report any suspicious activity to AML Surveillance Team and line manager as well as directly to the Country MLPO in urgent or exceptional circumstances.

  • Mitigation of risks and resolution of issues in a timely manner including developing suitable controls and measuring their effectiveness.

  • Proactive identification and reporting of risks and concerns.


  • 在履行责时负责实施守洗

  • 守相洗防程,并始终对常或能客户活动警惕,并将任何活动报给洗办公室直属,并在紧急或特殊情况下直接报给中国洗总

  • 时轻风险解决问题,包括制定控制措施衡其有效性

  • 主动识别报风险


  • Adherence to laws and regulations, internal risk and compliance policies (including anti-money laundry, sanction, anti-bribery & corruption and relevant FCC risks) and the Group Code of Conduct.

  • Timely completion of all mandatory risk and compliance training, including e-learning by the set deadlines.

  • Fully understand the importance of consumer rights protection, prevent damage to consumer&rsquos best interest, implement regulatory requirements related to consumer rights protection, ensure to complete relevant trainings and to always embed consumer rights protection mindset when performing daily work.

  • Fully understand the importance of fraud prevention, prevent fraud risks, maintain safe and steady operation of the position, implement regulatory requirements of fraud prevention, strictly execute DOIs of the department, ensure to complete relevant trainings and embed fraud prevention in daily work.

  • 守法律法,内部风险策(包括洗,制,贿败以相关FCC风险)《集团行为准则》

  • 时完所有强制性风险培训,包括在定期内完线上学

  • 充分了解消费者益护性,防止害消费者最大利益,执行与消费者益护相关法,确完相关培训并在执行日常工作时始终嵌入消费者益护心

  • 充分了解防欺诈性,防欺诈风险,安全稳定行,执行防欺诈法,严执行部门DOI,确完相关培训并将防欺诈纳入日常工作

Regulatory & Business Conduct

  • Display exemplary conduct and live by the Group&rsquos Values and Code of Conduct.

  • Take personal responsibility for embedding the highest standards of ethics, including regulatory and business conduct, across Standard Chartered Bank. This includes understanding and ensuring compliance with, in letter and spirit, all applicable laws, regulations, guidelines and the Group Code of Conduct.

  • Lead the [country / business unit / function/XXX [team] to achieve the outcomes set out in the Bank&rsquos Conduct Principles: [Fair Outcomes for Clients Effective Financial Markets Financial Crime ComplianceThe Right Environment.] *

  • Effectively and collaboratively identify, escalate, mitigate and resolve risk, conduct and compliance matters.

  • [Insert local regulator e.g. PRA/FCA prescribed responsibilities and Rationale for allocation].

[Where relevant - Additionally, for subsidiaries or relevant non -subsidiaries]

  • Serve as a Director of the Board of [insert name of entities]

  • Exercise authorities delegated by the Board of Directors and act in accordance with Articles of Association (or equivalent)

Key Stakeholders


Other Responsibilities
Understand, acknowledge and comply with the requirements onindividual accountabilities and responsibilities of the job set out in applicable local laws and regulations as well as SCB internal policies

  • 解认并守本地法律法以渣内部策中关于个人问责责;

  • Effectively ensure and intensify internal controls by keeping abreast with developments of applicable local laws and regulations on accountabilities

  • 跟上本地问责法律法展,以有效地确并强化内控;

  • Perform job duties with diligence, contribute to efforts as an individual or as a team member so as to avoid any actual or potential legal sanctions, regulatory penalties, material financial loss, or adverse reputational impact on the Bank

  • 审慎勤勉地履行岗责,以个人或团队身份,为任何导致行或能法律制管罚大财务失或声誉负影而出努力;

  • Be responsible for failure to follow relevant rules and processes, failure to properly perform the responsibilities, and implement corrections

  • 对未守相关范程未履行责以未执行整措施承担相责任;

  • Cooperate with any investigations or reviews on regulatory failure such as accountability review

Our Ideal Candidate


  • Minimum Bachelor Degree with 3 - 5 years of Treasury Sales or trading experience in FX, additional knowledge and experience in Structured Products, Fixed Income and/or Equities will be an advantage


  • Excellent treasury product and industry knowledge and related policies & processes & regulatory requirements


  • Good ability to provide leadership, guidance and inspiration to the customers, RMs and other partners

  • Strong sense of self motivation and discipline in execution

  • Good communication and negotiation skills with the ability to influence outcomes

  • Good ability to network with internal and external business stakeholders


  • 本以上学历,具有3-5年或外汇交验;具备性产,固定益/或票其他知识验为佳


  • 具备越类产行业知识,熟知相关策,程法


  • 具备客户,客户其他作伙伴供指导激能力

  • 强烈自激励识执行纪律

  • 通过良好沟通谈判技巧促进产出

  • 能够与内部外部业务利益相关者建立良好系

Other than above roles, job holder should follow other job duties and responsibilities assigned by line manager from time to time.
Above key responsibilities and selection criteria are the major assessment to assess the staff if qualified during probation and competent after probation. Failing to satisfy any of the aforesaid requirements, e.g. failing to pass the Day 1 Readiness training, the employee will be deemed not meeting the recruitment requirement for passing probation, and the Bank is entitled to terminate the employee&rsquos employment contract immediately. For employee who have passed the probation, failing to pass the Day 1 Readiness training will be taken as assessment basis for job incompetency.
以上主工作责岗任是于考试期是符录件工作胜任与准倘若工未能满足述,例未能通过未先培训(Day1 Readiness Training)测试,则该工将被视为符试期录件,行有立终止工劳动;对于已过试期工,未能通过未先培训(Day1 Readiness Training)测试,将作为胜任工作工作岗考
Before attend and pass the Day 1 Readiness (D1R) and WM Introduction Certification course, the employee should not perform any kind of business communication / engagement to customers.
对于还没有与并通过未先培训课程(D1R)或财产介认测试工, 止跟客户有任何业务上交
Accountable for implementing and complying with AML requirements when performing duties.
Please note that the job description above will be reviewed during the Job Objective setting every year, which may be amended and agreed where necessary by the employee and the line manager.

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