Process Engineer

Process Engineer

2-4 years
Not Specified

Job Description

. Use statistical methods and engineering tools for product and process analysis. Implement effective performance monitoring and tracking system. 使统计方法工程工具进行产过程分实施有效性能控跟踪系统
. Provides day-to-day problem solving support to production, development and operations. 供日常问题解决产,开
. Trouble shoots product related material, process and equipment issues, identifies root cause and implements corrective action. 解决产相关料设备工艺上问题,确定本原并实施正行动
. Lead or Supports new product introductions through equipment installation, process certification, documentation and training. 领导或新产推出,通过设备安装工艺认文档培训
. Lead process development and validation for new material and Equipment. 领导工艺开验新料设备
. Implements and documents material, process and/or equipment changes.
. Use PEx tools to continuously improve the process to achieve manufacture performance excellence. Develop and implement projects to support cost reduction, OEE and other manufacture objectives. 使PEX工具断进过程中实现越产性能制定实施项目,以低本,设备综效率其他产目
. Functions as a team member or team leader on focused projects. 作为一个团队或团队领导关注项目
. Trains new equipment operation and processes. 培训新设备作工艺过程 . Assure quality and repeatability of processes and products. 过程产质性
. Assures safety of operators and equipment and Complies with safety and environmental regulations设备人安全,符安全环法
. Manage molding process related activities and team development 管注工艺团队日常工作相关工程师展培养
. Build molding process engineer MBO and assess & encourage their performance 建立工艺工程师MBO 并考他们绩效
. Set up process understanding and control system and deploy process control and discipline 建立工艺控制系并推行工艺控制工艺纪律. Project involved with:
. New process development based on business requirements, including technical specification, process design, sourcing, building and final implementation. 业务需开新工艺,包括技术制定,工艺设计设计,采购,产以最终实施
. Continuously improve the process performance on safety, efficiency, reliability and operating cost. 续进工艺性能,包括安全性,效率,性行本等
. Required supports to any projects lead by other function team such as quality, production or IT. 其他业务部门相关项目,质,产,信技术等部门



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