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Priority Relationship Manager

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Job Description

About Standard Chartered
We are a leading international bank focused on helping people and companies prosper across Asia, Africa and the Middle East.
To us, good performance is about much more than turning a profit. It's about showing how you embody our valued behaviours - do the right thing, better together and never settle - as well as our brand promise, Here for good.
We're committed to promoting equality in the workplace and creating an inclusive and flexible culture - one where everyone can realise their full potential and make a positive contribution to our organisation. This in turn helps us to provide better support to our broad client base.

The Role Responsibilities
Scope of Role:
Customer sales and service
Key Responsibilities/Challenges:

  • Understand, acknowledge and comply with the requirements onindividual accountabilities and responsibilities of the job set out in applicable local laws and regulations as well as SCB internal policies

  • Effectively ensure and intensify internal controls by keeping abreast with developments of applicable local laws and regulations on accountabilities

  • Perform job duties with diligence, contribute to efforts as an individual or as a team member so as to avoid any actual or potential legal sanctions, regulatory penalties, material financial loss, or adverse reputational impact on the Bank

  • Be responsible for failure to follow relevant rules and processes, failure to properly perform the responsibilities, and implement corrections

  • Cooperate with any investigations or reviews on regulatory failure such as accountability review.

  • Deliver allocated performance targets for various product VSs

  • Maintain relationship with customers and deliver superior customer service to ensure customers&rsquo needs are met

  • Enhance bank-customer relationships by expanding existing customers&rsquo portfolio holdings

  • Actively participate in Priority Banking / other Bank&rsquos marketing and promotional activities to acquire NTB customers, as well as cross-selling to existing customers

  • Proactively engage with Personal Clients hidden affluent and advise to approach bank with complex investment needs

  • Accountable for implementing and complying with AML requirements when performing duties

  • Ensure compliance of Management Manual, Operating Manuals and Bank&rsquos laid down knowledge of the various products offered by all departments

  • Learn and understand all relevant regulations and internal Risk & Compliance policies and procedures

  • Keep updated on the events in the financial industry

  • Participate actively in training programs, meetings, briefings organized by the bank and ensure skills & knowledge acquired is applied to daily work

  • Ensure timeliness & managing customer&rsquos complaint


  • 解认并守本地法律法规以渣打内部政策中关于个人问责和责的求;

  • 跟上本地问责法律法规的展,以有效地确并强化内控;

  • 审慎勤勉地履行岗责,以个人或团队员的身份,为任何导致银行或能法律制监管处罚大财务失或声誉负影而出努力;

  • 对未守相关规范和程未适当履行责以未执行整改措施承担相应责任;

  • 任何关于监管规定的调查或审查,例如,问责审查。

  • 实现领导安排的个产的业绩指标;

  • 维护与客户的关系并供越的客户务以确满足客户需求;

  • 通过扩大现有客户的投资组加强客户与我行的关系;

  • 积与优先财/其它银行销项目,以获新客户。外,现有客户进行交销售;

  • 主动现具有&ldquo优先财&rdquo资质的个人财客户, 并掘其投资财需求;

  • 负责实施项洗钱的需求并且确符洗钱的规求;

  • 循银行的管手册,作手册和所有部门相关产的既定政策;

  • 学习并了解一切相关例以内部风险与规的政策与程;

  • 对金行业相关动的感;

  • 积与银行组织的培训项目,会议和简报会,并将学习到的技能和知识用到日常工作中;

  • 确客户投诉的时效与管;

Our Ideal Candidate
Selection Criteria:

  • A University graduate.

  • Have sales experience gained in the banking and financial services industry or other industries.

  • Sound knowledge of financial products and services and banking procedures, equities markets, unit trusts and other personal investment services are preferred.

  • Good investment counseling and analytical skills.

  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills, ability to deal with all levels of people, often in complex and difficult situations.

  • Team player who shows initiative and assertiveness.

  • Self-motivator who is keen to upgrade, improve personal knowledge and skills to meet job requirements.

  • Good command of both spoken and written English and Mandarin


  • 大学本科学历。

  • 具有银行和金务行业或其它行业的销售验。

  • 熟悉银行产务银行程股票市场信托以其它个人投资务。

  • 具备良好的投资咨询和分技巧。

  • 出色的人际关系能力和沟通能力,能在场应付自如。

  • 具有团队识,主动定。

  • 有上进心,能自我激励,断高人际交能力和技巧,以满足工作求。

Other then above roles, job holder should follow other job duties and responsibilities assigned by line manager from time to time.
Above key responsibilities and selection criteria are the major assessment to assess the staff if qualified during probation and competent after probation. Failing to satisfy any of the aforesaid requirements, or failing to pass the CPBB Essentialsor WM Introduction Certification, the employee will be deemed not meeting the recruitment requirement for passing probation, and the Bank is entitled to terminate the employee&rsquos employment contract immediately. For employee which have passed the probation, failing to pass the CPBB Essentials or WM Introduction Certification will be taken as assessment basis for job incompetency.
以上的主工作责和岗任求是用于考核试用期是符录用件和工作胜任与的标准。倘若员工未能满足述求,或未能通过CPBB Essentials测试或财产介资格认测试的,则该员工将被视为符试用期的录用件,银行有立终止员工的劳动;对于已过试用期的员工,未能通过CPBB Essential测试或财产介资格认测试的,将作为胜任工作工作岗的考核。
Before attend and pass the CPBB Essentials and WM Introduction Certification course, the employee should not perform any kind of business communication / engagement to customers.
对于还没有与并通过CPBB Essential入培训或财产介资格认测试的员工, 止跟客户有任何业务上的交。
Please note that the job description above will be reviewed during the Job Objective setting every year, which may be amended and agreed where necessary by the employee and the line manager.
In this document, Chinese version shall prevail over English version.

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