Lead/ Senior VFX Artist

Lead/ Senior VFX Artist

Assassin's Creed
1-4 years
Not Specified

Job Description


What you will do
  • Usingavarietyofparticlesystems,createallaspectsofspecialeffectsartwork:
  1. Particlesystemtemplatesandanimation
  2. Particletextures
  3. Particlemodels(asnecessary)
  4. Lighting
  • Goodknowledgeofin-gamespecialeffects,including:
  1. Smoke
  2. Explosions
  3. Fire
  4. Weather
  5. Atmospherics
  6. Wat er
  7. Light/Energy
  8. Damage
  9. Fullscreenfilters
  10. Postprocessing
  • Comingwithcreativeideasandsolutionstotheassignedtasksandproactivelycommunicatetaskstatustoyourpeers ,customers,andLeads.
  • CorrectdefectsdiscoveredbyQCoryourcustomersinatimelyfashion.
  • Workwithinthetechnicallimitationsofavarietyofgameengines.
  • CollaboratewithGraphicsTechnicalArtisttoensurenecessarytechnology/featuresarepresentinordertoreachthevisualbenchmarks.
  • ShareartisticknowledgewithArtists,supportthemwhenneeded.

  • Job Introduction
    As a special effects artist, you will create game special effects according to the project's art direction. You need to have strong artistic ability and understand the technical limitations of the target platform.
    Job Responsibilities
    • Create all aspects of special effects using a variety of particle systems:
      Particle System Templates and Animations
  • Particle Textures
  • Particle Models (if needed)
  • Lighting
    • Familiarize yourself with and create in-game special effects, including:
    1. smoke
    2. bursts
    3. fires
    4. weather
  • ambience
  • water
  • light/energy
  • shattering
  • post effects
    • Propose creative ideas and solutions to assigned tasks, and proactively communicate task status with colleagues and supervisors, and promptly correct defects found by QC or the team.
    • Works within the technical constraints of various game engines.
    • Work with technical art or graphics programs to ensure necessary technical/functionality to achieve visual benchmarks.
    • Share knowledge with other VFX artists and support when needed.

    • Solid and proven experience increatingreal-timespecialFXforvideogames .
    • Experiencewithcraftingconsistentlybrilliant,eye-catching,real-timeFXusingPhotoshop,Max,andin-gameFXsystems.
    • AbletopaintstylizedFXtexturesfromscratch,matchinganestablishedstyle.
    • Proficientwith3Dgraphics,particlesystems,physics,ribbons, etc.
    • Workingknowledgeofrenderingengines.
    • Solidgamedesignawarenessandanexceptionalgamedesign-orientedcollaborator.
    • Self-driven,andanexcellentcommunicator.
    • Work with art lead artist and other leaders to support the game vision, provide/receive feedback, and improve by participating in regular team events such as reviews and scrums, with the goal of creating high-quality VFX.

    Job Requirements
    • Solid experience in producing real-time special effects for console games.
    • Proficient in Photoshop, Max and in-game special effects systems to create compelling real-time special effects.
    • Able to draw effect textures from scratch to match the established style.
    • Proficient in 3D graphics, particle systems, physics, streamers, etc.
    • Have a working knowledge of rendering engines.
    • Excellent game design awareness and outstanding game design cooperation awareness.
    • Self-driven, excellent communication skills.
    • Collaborate with art directors and other leaders to provide/receive feedback and improve by participating in regular team activities such as retrospectives and scrums to create high-quality visuals.

    Bonus points
    • Goodunderstandingofartfundamentals:colortheory,lighting,shape,composition,etc.
    • Mustbecreativeandbeabletoadapttoavarietyofartstyles
    • Goodorganizationalandanalyticalskills,andabletosolveproblems.
    • Passionforcreatingandplayinggames,regardlessofplatformorgenre.
    • Abletoworkunderpressureandtakeconstructivecriticism.
  • Goodcommunicationskills.Englishabilityaplus.
  • Scriptingskills(MaxScript,Python,HLSL)aplus.

  • Plus
    • Good understanding of the fundamentals of art: color theory, lighting, shapes, composition, etc.
    • Must be creative and adaptable to a variety of artistic styles
    • Good organizational and analytical skills, able to solve problems.
    • Love creating and playing games, regardless of platform or genre.
    • Able to work under pressure and accept constructive criticism.
    • Good communication skills. English ability is preferred.
    • Scripting skills (Max Script, Python, HLSL) are preferred.

    Assassin's Creed

    Job Source : www.ubisoft.com

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