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Concierge Team Leader

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Operational§助礼宾部副确礼宾部按照既定的念顺畅作,并始终供礼貌专业快活的务。Assists the Assistant Manager in efficiently managing the Concierge Department according to established concept statement providing courteous, professional, efficient and flexible service at all times.§礼貌而高效的处客人和员工询问,对能立解决的投诉和问题进行汇报。Handles guest enquiries in a courteous and efficient manner and reports guest complaints or problems to Assistant Manager - Concierge if no immediate solution can be found.§与客人建立并良好的关系。Establishes a rapport with guests, maintaining good customer relationship.§确礼宾部的柜设施储室的生妥善养。Ensures cleanliness and maintenance of the Concierge counter, equipment and storage. §负责为所有客人供善高效的务。Responsible for the provision of friendly and efficient service to all guests.§常亲自检查,以确使用礼宾部务的客人员工公众员得到符凯悦酒店集团标准的务。Personally and frequently verifies that guests, associates and members of the public utilising the Concierge services are receiving service in line with Hyatt Hotels Corporation standards.§确正确处所有客人的留言邮件传真包裹。Ensures that all guests’ messages, mail and fax are handled and distributed properly.§强化员工的主人精神销员的度并出表率,以使员工抓酒店内的一切销售机会。Exemplifies and instils upon the associates the ownership and a sales attitude to maintain awareness of all sales opportunities within the Hotel.§确所有设备的正常行,并在需时汇报维修需求。Ensures operating equipment is maintained in good working order and to report maintenance requirements.
Transportation§助礼宾部副按照既定的念进行有效的管。Assists the Assistant Manager - Concierge in efficiently managing the Transportation Department according to the established concept statement.§确车辆设备和储室的整妥善管。Ensures cleanliness and maintenance of the vehicles, equipment and storage room.§确高效的接务。Ensures efficient pick up and drop off service.§助维酒店车交通顺畅。Assists in maintaining smooth flow traffic at the Hotel’s front driveway.§调客人和其他部门对交通工具的需求。Coordinates all transportation requirements for the guests and other operation departments whenever needed.§进行日例会,告知员工当天交通工具的需求VIP客人的到达和离开会议/宴会和一些需特别注的地方。Conducts daily pre-shift briefing to associates on transport requirement, arrival and departure of VIP guests, functions / events and special attention that is needed.§定期检查车辆并确车辆始终整。Conducts regular inspection on the vehicles to ensure cleanliness are being maintained at all times.§确所有车辆汽油的消耗都是有记录的并在特殊的时候,计算出里程数。Ensures petrol consumption of all vehicles is accounted for and tally with the mileage during the particular period.§确所有驾照都在有效期内,并时更新将过期的驾照。Ensures the driving license for all drivers are valid and renewed prior to the expiry date.§确所有上机的身体康,如果机身体适,管在任何情况下,都止开车。Ensures all drivers on duty are in good health condition and drivers who are unfit for driving should be prevented from driving, in regardless of any business situation.§管交通工具使用日志。Maintains the transports usage logbook.§确所有机始终严格守所有交通规则安全信。Ensures all drivers are strictly adheres to all traffic’s rules and regulation and all safety code.§与当地的交警部或公路输部建立并维良好的关系。Establishes and maintains good relationship with local authorities in particular the Traffic Police Department or Road Transports Department.
Administration§维护礼宾部日志。Maintains the Concierge daily Log Book.§时交所有客人/员工的事故报告。Submits all guest / associate incident reports on a timely basis.
Payroll & Productivity Management §通过在整个部门内建立活的员工编制,实施高效的薪资管/资分。这将一个活的员工基数(全员工临时工)多技能多任务的原则。Exercises efficient Payroll Management/ Resources allocation through the establishment of a flexible workforce throughout the Department. This will be based on the principles of a flexible associate base (Full Time & Part Time associates), multi-skilling and multi-tasking.§指导下属确生产力水平满足凯悦设计标准和凯悦酒店集团饮部手册的求。Directs subordinates to ensure productivity meets Hyatt Hotels Corporation Rooms Operations Manual requirements.§关注改进生产力水平在接的指引下谨慎管用/薪资,确所有设备的优化部署和高效能。Focuses attention on improving productivity levels and the need to prudently manage utility/ payroll costs within acceptable guidelines, ensuring optimum deployment and energy efficiency of all equipment.§通过 活处工作(适当情况下)和简化工作程,回顾和断探索所有员工的生产力水平改善。Reviews and constantly seeks productivity level improvements of all associates through the process of taking work out of the system (when appropriate) and through streamlining of work process.
People Management§助引导礼宾部员工在工作中循财务行政管的念,确员工掌多项技能并承担多项工作。Assists with the development of Concierge associates to work following the operational, financial, administrative philosophies and ensuring associates are multi-skilled and perform multi tasks.§通过与管,根酒店制度和程以相关适用法律,对所有礼宾部员工进行紧密导。Through hands-on management, supervises closely all Concierge associates in the performance of their duties in accordance with Policies & Procedures and applicable laws.§给具备能力和资的员工委派适当的工作和责任,在培养和展员工的时确标准和安全。Delegates appropriately duties and responsibilities to equipped and resourceful associates, nurturing and developing them whilst ensuring standards of operation and safety are maintained.§拥护和支酒店的培训精神和以人为本的管哲学,并和进修培训展部礼宾部副和部门培训员密切作培养和展员工。Embraces and supports the Training initiatives and philosophies of the company and works closely with the Learning and Development Manager, Assistant Manager and Departmental Trainers in the training and development of associates.§展助针对高技能和知识的培训活动。Develops and assists with training activities focused on improving skills and knowledge.§确员工完全解酒店的规章制度并照执行。Ensures associates have a complete understanding of Rules & Regulations, and that behaviour complies.§监员工士气并供工作表现展的馈。Monitors associate morale and provides mechanism for performance feedback and development.§进行员工年度表现展评估,供真实和准确的回馈。Conducts annual Performance Development, providing honest and appropriate feedback.§将指导原则核心价值高效地传达给所有层级的员工。Effectively communicates guiding principles and core values to all levels of associates.
General§确部门的务一贯按照部门手册的标准,高效一致和礼貌的完。Ensures services provided by Concierge are always available and are always carried out to define Standards with the utmost efficiency, consistency and courtesy as detailed in the Departmental Operations Manual.§按求出席所有会议并作出贡献。. Attends and contributes to all Meetings as required. §确所有员工始终供礼貌和专业的务。Ensures all associates provide courteous and professional service at all times. §礼貌而高效的处客人和员工询问,对能立解决的投诉和问题进行汇报。
Handles guest and associate enquiries in a courteous and efficient manner, reporting complaints or problems if no immediate solution can be found. §了解关于员工行业关系的法律法规,解并严格守员工手册中的规章制度,酒店关于防生康和安全的制度。Is knowledgeable in statutory legislation in associate and industrial relations, understanding and strictly adhering to Rules & Regulations established in the Associate Handbook and the Hotel’s policies concerning fire, hygiene and health & safety.§积与员工利安全展康的活动,并给予建议咨询和真实当的馈。Is actively involved in the welfare, safety, development and well-being of associates providing advice, counselling and truthful, diplomatic feedback.§确高标准的个人形象和仪容仪表。Ensures high standards of personal presentation & grooming.§与客人和事基于良好工作关系的接触。Maintains positive guest and colleague interactions with good working relationships.§始终展现负责的管和行为,并以积的形象代表酒店管团队和凯悦酒店集团。Exercises responsible management and behaviour at all times and positively representing the Hotel Management Team and Hyatt Hotels Corporation.§安排并确所有员工加核心培训相关技能培训。Schedules and ensures associates attend all Core training and related skills training.§对当地环境具有扎实最新的了解,如城市的厅购物区和娱场所。Has a sound updated knowledge of the local environment such as restaurants, shopping areas and entertainment centres within the city.§助高度客人酒店财产的安全。Assists in maintaining a high level of safety and security for guests and hotel property.§全了解酒店的活动饮务厅会议室紧急电其它设施。Fully conversant with all activities within the Hotel, Food and Beverage functions, restaurants, meeting rooms, and emergency telephone numbers and facilities.§根酒店行业和公的指引,回应需求改,执行任何的任务外责。Responds to requests to undertake any reasonable tasks and secondary duties and to changes as dictated by the Hotel, industry and company.

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