Cardiac & Vascular Surgeon Post (J26370)

Cardiac & Vascular Surgeon Post (J26370)

BOE Technology
3-6 years
Not Specified

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Job Responsibilities
Under the guidance and authorization of the attending physician, implement and guide the resident physician to carry out a certain range of Medical care, teaching and scientific research undertake outpatient and emergency department and ward patient diagnosis and treatment work, in-hospital consultation work and various commanding tasks arranged by the hospital and department.
It is necessary to conscientiously implement various laws, regulations and rules, resolutions of committees and medical operation procedures, always care about the quality of medical care of patients treated and treated, as well as the psychological state of patients, communicate with patients and their family members, and strictly prevent medical treatment Error accident.
Lead the subordinate physicians to make rounds every morning and evening, keep abreast of the daily condition changes of the patients, review and improve the medical records of the patients in the attending group in a timely manner, and issue medical orders or report to the attending physicians in a timely manner according to the development of the disease. Immediately follow the instructions of the attending physician. When on duty, patients who are not in the main clinic group should also perform the same responsibility.
In accordance with the medical record writing standard, timely write or check and revise various medical documents written by subordinate physicians, including: completing the medical records of newly admitted patients within 24 hours, completing the records of the patient's course of illness during hospitalization every day, and completing the discharge records before the patient is discharged from the hospital. Wait.
Actively participate in continuing education, master necessary specialized technologies, study new technologies, participate in scientific research, read and publish medical papers related to disease prevention and treatment.
When the resident physician is insufficient, the attending physician shall directly undertake the work of the resident physician.
Education: Undergraduate
Work Experience:
1. Qualified as a physician
2. The attending physician must have 3 years Working experience in cardiac surgery in a hospital above the third level
3. Resident physicians need to complete regular training and obtain a certificate of qualification for regular training
4. Master's degree is preferred
Required majors: clinical medicine related majors
Other requirements:None
Language requirements:None

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