Area Sales 项目型销售(曲)

Area Sales 项目型销售(曲)

Siemens Technology
3-6 years
Not Specified

Job Description

Job Description :
Introduction For our DI Sales we are looking for an Area Sales Representative in YunNan QuJing. 西门数字化工业集团正在云曲招工控领域项目型销售。 What are my responsibilities Sell and promote Siemens industry products, solution and service (digital business) to direct project business customers. 工业业务领域直接项目型客户销售西门工业业务领域产相应解决方案与务(数字化相关业务) Explore and develop customer's aim and need, and develop new business opportunity for Siemens. 探索和开客户的需求,为西门展新的商业机会。 Keep familiar with Siemens industry products, systems, solutions as well as branch technology(Understanding digital concepts) 熟悉西门工业业务领域产,系统,解决方案以相关技术(解数字化概念)。 Initial, motivate suitable activities and keep track of progress and implementation in order to achieve the agreed targets and goals. 积主动的采行动以达到既定目标。 Establish and take good care of connection with customers/clients. 与客户建立并良好关系。 Familiar with North East of Yunnan (incl. Qujing, Zhaotong) market situation, chemical, Nonferrous metals branch customers. 熟悉滇东北(包括曲,昭通)情况,化工,有色等行业客户。 What do I need to qualify for this job Bachelor or above major in Industry Automation Control 本科以上学历,专业工控/电气相关者优先; Basic English reading, writing and speaking 基本的英语阅读,写能力; 3 years above sales working experience in automation or relavant 至少3年以上工控相关行业验者; Experience in Chemical and Nonferrous metals is preferred 对化工,有色行业相关验者优先; Flexible for frequent business trip 能够接频的出差; Able to work independently under pressure and strong execution 良好的抗压能力以很强的独立工作学习能力且兼具执行力。 Organization: Digital Industries Company: Siemens Ltd., China Experience Level: Mid-level Professional Job Type: Full-time

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