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Company/Personal Driver

Keywords / Skills : Drivers

1 - 2 years
Posted: 2019-04-20

IT/Computers - Software
Software Engineer/Programmer
Posted On
20th Apr 2019
Job Description
1. Mature and possess at least 2 years company or personal driver experience.

2. Must possess valid Class 3 driving license and clean traffic record.

3. Familiar with roads in Singapore and driving regulations.

4. Reliable, punctual and strong work ethic

5. Willing to perform OT including weekends and public holidays when required

Able to commence work within short notice preferred.

contact us:

Line:  mia12020623
wechat: MIA12020623
WhatsApp: +855966798838

Key Skill(s)

About Company

宝拉集团创建于2007年,在中国"一带一路"政策的倡议下,董事长张海鹏先生看好东南亚各国的发展潜力,将总部迁于柬埔寨金边,致力于东南亚多行业的发展。宝拉集团积极推动国际化、多元化发展战略。领域涉投资、贸易、互联网、游戏、地产、餐饮、传媒、旅游酒店、金融等行业,为当地经济发展做出了重要贡献。宝拉的足迹遍布中国,柬埔寨,泰国,台湾,新加坡,日本。我们将向着更远的地方前行。宝拉将深入贯彻落实整体发展战略,保持公司的良好发展势头,在风险可控的前提下,抓住市场机遇,实现长远健康发展,为集团做出更大的贡献。 Boar Investment Group was founded in 2007. Consider of China's policy "The Belt and Road Initiative", Mr. Zhang Haipeng, the chairman of group, is optimistic about the development potential of Southeast Asian countries. He moved the headquarters to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and is committed to the development of many industries in Asia. Boar Group promotes the internationalization and diversified development strategy actively. The investment fields involved : trade, internet, games, real estate, catering, media, tourism hotels, finance and other industries have made important contributions to the local economic development. Paula's footprints are spread across China, Cambodia, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, and Japan. We will move further afield. Boar will thoroughly implement the overall development strategy, maintain the company's good development momentum, seize market opportunities and achieve long-term healthy development under the premise of risk control, and make greater contributions to the Group
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