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Channel Deputy Director (渠道副总监)

Keywords / Skills : 4. Rich in pioneering spirit, risk control ability, excellent overall planning and coordination with good execution, brave to undertake responsibility. Strong English and Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

8 - 18 years
Posted: 2018-07-11

Job Description

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the development, formation, expansion and management of overseas channels and accurate positioning of the target market.

2. Formulate monthly, quarterly and annual marketing strategies to promote the landing and image maintenance of the company's brand in overseas markets.

3. According to the company's mission objectives, expand the available channels, including agents, distributors and non-staff brokers, and maintain good communication and cooperation with them to ensure the achievement of sales targets.

4. Responsible for the establishment, training and personnel management of overseas IEC self-operated teams, responsible for the marketing strategy, media placement, event promotion, atmosphere packaging and fee usage of each IEC.

5. Provide marketing support for overseas IECs, including but not limited to the promotion of promotional materials and the production of various materials to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of information.

6. Collect and timely reflect customer and market information, provide feasibility suggestions and timely improve existing mechanisms.

7. Complete periodic work reports and summaries, as well as other matters assigned by the top management.

Job Requirement:

1. Full-time college degree or above, major in marketing, real estate management or management will be preferred.

2. More than 8 years of property and real estate company management work experience, outstanding performance, with multinational company work experience or have access to channel resources is preferred.

3. Strong strategic height and thinking, has an independent view of the industry, the field, the economy, and has a strong ability to analyze and solve problems.

4. Rich in pioneering spirit, risk control ability, excellent overall planning and coordination with good execution, brave to undertake responsibility. Strong English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, fluent communication in both Chinese and English.










1、 全日制大专以上学历,市场营销、房地产经营与管理等相关专业优先;





About Company

What is Country Garden?

Country Garden is the body of China's new urbanization process. It is the builder of the global green ecological smart city. It not only brings modern urban appearance to more than 400 towns, but also enhances the living conditions and quality of life for local people. The world's advanced urban design concept is the first to build a modern city - a Forest City.

The Forest City grounds are all parks. The vehicles are on the ground floor. The ground is pollution-free rail transit. The exterior walls of the buildings are covered with vertically distributed plants. Every day, people live in the garden, breathe in the forest, and enjoy the nature. Forest cities will be role models for future cities.

For more than 20 years, Country Garden has been the city's beautiful scenery and business cards. The garden landscape and the living square make the local people linger on, and the clubhouse and property services make life comfortable and safe. The city's architecture, gardening, and management should stand the test of history. Country Garden will make the quality of the community in one step in every city: build a world-class community! Therefore, more than 3 million owners have chosen to live and work in Country Garden.